What is the abbreviation for ADF?

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"Automatic Document Feeder" is an acronym for "Automatic Document Feeder."

Full form of ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) is the full name for this technology. An ADF is an acronym that stands for Automatic Document Feeder, and the full term for the abbreviation is Automatic Document Feeder.

"Automatic Document Feeder" is an acronym for "Automatic Document Feeder." Automatic document feeders (ADFs) are used in copiers and scanners to feed documents into the machine. It makes it possible to copy or scan numerous pages at the same time without having to enter each individual page into the copier or scanner.

For a flatbed scanner, on the other hand, it is necessary to lay each sheet on the scanning surface individually. While this is true for single pages, duplicating 80 pages would need a significant amount of manual page loading! Some copy machines are available with both an automatic document feeder and a flatbed scanning surface, enabling you to employ either technique depending on your requirements.

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