The battle in New World is very exciting

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The battle in New World is very exciting

Amazon's massively multiplayer online role-playing game takes players into a fantasy world based on the colonial United States in the 1600s. To be honest, I was not interested in New World before playing the game. But since I started, I found that New World's battle is too good. The feel of each weapon is very different. Although it is rolling around with a sword and shield, it has a trace of dark soul. Spinning the warhammer and smashing it on the head of a poor guy makes me feel like a heavy warrior, and the ice gloves keep you in the distance. Shoot monsters with ice hockey and make you feel like a fantasy Iron Man with a bright purple beard.

When you use certain weapons, you can also get extra points to buy them. The Staff of Life allows me to learn healing skills to strengthen my allies and keep them fighting, the sword provides a mix of offensive and defensive options, and the warhammer gives me many options to stun enemies and push them around. These abilities, as well as general combat, seem to rely heavily on skill shooting.

In New World, I had to target my healing abilities and launch them in close combat to hit the intended target, instead of the bastard archer who chose to stand in front of me at that time. When we finished, I unlocked the open world PVP and got a real millennial experience. Someone told me that if I save a lot of money, one day I will buy a house, and I can even do a little handicraft. Let me use a great sword instead of my warhammer.

But not the greatest giant sword. The intuitive crafting system seems to guarantee that I can make better items and armor by picking up crafting reagents from fallen enemies before making my own magic weapon. By the way, you can visit to learn more about Amazon New World. In general, I think New World will be excited about a certain type of player, and I am very happy to spend time with it. I haven't seen any game dungeons, nor have I seen the end of Amazon's promise of game content that will put players in trouble.

In the question-and-answer session after the game ended, the developers explained that they were not interested in microtransactions of anything in the game. This makes me feel a little pity, because I think playing fashion games is usually as important as hitting people with a sword, but I will reserve my judgment until I see the state of the store when it is released. The early games of New World are very exciting, and I may get a proper understanding of them in the closed beta version later this month. The battle in New World is very exciting and I am very happy to see more. If you also like New World MMO, you can visit NewWorldCoins to learn more.