lifestyle keto is good or not?

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will do diet 0:38 Then when we will stop doing diet 0:40 Then what we will eat 0:42 If we will again start to eat this 0:44 Then our weight won't put on 0:46 So these type of many questions 0:48 Come to me like this 0:50 That when we

will stop doing diet 0:52 After that what we should eat 0:53 So that's why today I have bought for you 0:55 And Indian diet plan 0:56 In which 0:57 I will tell you all the Indian things 0:59 That what all we have to eat from morning to night 1:02 By using which we will do weight loss 1:05 And we will do amazing weight loss 1:06 So homemade food 1:08 And hard work of home 1:09 And superb weight loss 1:10 Guys our grandmothers 1:12 Have always made us eat this only at our home 1:15 And they also have been eating this 1:16 So how can we leave all these things 1:19 If we are doing diet then also 1:21 Then also we will eat all those things 1