Washington debuted the new name for their football team

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This morning, Washington debuted Madden 22 coins the new name for their football team called the Commanders. The name change comes in updated branding, with a new logo as well as a word mark, uniforms and a logo.

We were confident that this new branding would find its way into Madden 23, but we reached out to EA for confirmation. The following is what was the response from an EA Sports representative told us:

The Washington Football Team will be changed to the latest Washington Commander nickname, uniforms and logos in Madden NFL 23.

This signifies that EA most likely won't bother updating their Washington Football Team during Madden 22, which means we'll be waiting until the next game -- likely on August 1st -- to see the new-look Washington team. Washington was involved in the two previous seasons in an 18-month collaborative process with fans, alumni, players , and community leaders from across the region -- to develop the new name.

The Washington Commander's name buy madden coins and look are heavily influenced from the United States military, which is in close contact with Washington, the capital of the United States. The team is expected to keep its gold and burgundy color scheme. Three new uniforms were announced in these colors: an all-white jersey with sleeves and burgundy numbers and a burgundy-colored jersey that has gold numbers and sleeves and a set of all black that has gold-colored numbers as well as stripes in burgundy.