When you are clear of the path,

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If you're up for the challenge, then feel free to Elden Ring Items play against him, or just run and take the Somber Smithing Stone [2] that he's guarding, and speed past him through the archway in ruins and onto the tower that lies beyond, where there is a second elevator back to the Spot of Grace.

Then it's time to proceed for real. Return to the room where you battled the Scion as you exit by the kitchen's door into a different room that leads onto the patio. Make use of the door to the left to enter the wooden rafters , which is where you'll find an Arrow x10.

The next room is the courtyard, which is packed to the full with archers, soldiers and turrets spouting fire. The name of the game here is to be cautious, but the way you make this happen is upto you. If you're confident enough to run in there and kill all of them as the group, go ahead but you may also make an effort to draw them out slowly , and kill them one by one. Whatever you do , ensure that you have cleared all of them out before taking on an enemy larger than you and the dog behind the line of soldiers.

When you are clear of the path, begin to crouch and sneak up on your large adversary and place yourself on the stairs behind him so you can approach and hit him with a backstab. His attacks are strong but slow. Therefore, execute the traditional cheese plan of backstabbing. You can also do some counter-attacks by guards in order to Elden Ring Runes for sale break his down. When he's gone, we can go exploring the courtyard! Examine the grounds as as both of the wooden guard towers . Inside you will see: Fire Arrow x12, an encased wooden Greatshield, a Pike, Magic Grease, Golden Rune [1] [2] and [4(both 2 and 4), Furlcalling Finger Remedy Mushroom 8 and Smoldering Butterfly 5. You will notice a path leading into the gate, however I'd suggest disregarding it until you defeat the boss.