Roots haven't been forgotten by 2k

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I'm completely new to basketball and don't know the first thing. I'd love to try to get into it and seeing as I spend my time playing with games, I guessed NBA 2K Coins I'd be more engaged learning through that. If it is a good way to learn about the big teams, players and the rules and stuff, does anyone know? thanks! Only the way NBA 2K20 is supposed you are not gonna learn about how real basketball is played much. 2k highlights iso heavily. Not many staff play bbiq showcased.

On one hand, you're right. On the flip side, remember how people were crazy salty back in 2k13 online because most of everyone actually did was run and take 3-pointers, since"that's not basketball"? But group basketball has never not been a good way to play. I doubt that irl basketball just becomes stop iso. Great teams have won ball movement and team play than one iso god spamming the identical dribble combo then chucking 3s. Even the ball is moved by Harden and he.

Yeah man, I concur. I'm just saying it's funny since the NBA moved towards"speed and space" as a whole shortly after that and the doctrine isn't all that different. They're just more efficient shots even in the event you don't make them often.2k13 online was not more or less ISO anyway, unless you could get open really fast. I recall until the defense finally broke down, people would pass endlessly and they'd take. Then defenses evolved to just controlling the centre from the paint and letting the CPU (put on tight marking) take care of the perimeter trigger playing real D would get your burned more often.

Yeah, it was stupid how great the fadeaway 3 pt cheese had dunk cheese and then 2k14 was. 2K could be useful, but I wouldn't say playing with the portion helps you understand much. It's more about harnessing mechanisms than it is real basketball.I have not seriously played because like 16 or 17, but I recall it was rather team-focused. I remember becoming replicated raging basketball boners with what happened on my screen and running Triangle Offense freelance sets. Of course, it allowed you to go ISO crazy, if you were they strayed from this path, but you may totally learn things? I really hope their sim roots haven't been forgotten by 2k, although I understand the accent now is much more on play nowadays.

Completely disagree. If you are trash and poisonous then yeah you cheese iso but I play with squads that move the ball and its a lot of fun and signifies how basketball should be played.That's not the vast majority of 2k. The matter of fact is that the meta is iso dribble god offensive threats and glass locks.Eh if you are disciplined and dont use your stamina its easy to Buy MT 2K20 to shield iso gods. Especially if the big is great at hedging. Most iso gods are crap and shoot at less than 50%.Behind the trunk spam isnt really. As a shield. It's way too explosive.You dont have some defensive badges then lol. Or you reaching the whole time. Not hard to guard with lighting reflexes and clamps.