How To Make NW Coins - Guide for Getting New World Coins On The First Day!

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This guide shows few tips and tricks for the New World MMO about amassing bigger amounts of money and coins on the first day of playing!

As in every other MMO, having more money is always better especially at the game’s start. Btown explains how to get rich in New World even from day one, so your struggles with coins will be less later on. Remember, you can always buy New World Coins from websites like Gold4Vanilla.


So if we browse a couple things, we’re going to look at a couple things I want to show you, we take iron arrow, for instance, now I can buy these for less than point one each. Sony’s if I go in here, I want to buy, let’s say 10 of them, it’s going to cost about one coin per 10, which obviously, but 100, it’s gonna cost you 10. So you go buy that right there. Depending on how much the person has to sell. When you first start the game, a lot of people are gonna be looking ammunition between the iron arrows. And actually the iron bullets that you can use for the musket people are going to be heavily looking into this right here. As far as the cartridges, these are going to make you a lot of money because no one’s going to have them available. Yes, we understand you can get these from the faction, you have to be at least up in advance into the faction to get itself meaning it’s going to take a little bit for you to get some and the best thing you should do is sell these now no BS as you can tell people are selling for point seven per one.


Now no one’s really going to be buying this right here. To be honest, they’re they’re really not the whole point is, if you can make these on day one, as soon as you can, within the first like 20 minutes of the game, you could probably sell these for a couple 100 coins per one. Meaning if you can make 10 iron pickaxe, you get the sickle, you get the pickaxe, you get the skinning knife, and you can sell these really easy for so much higher, people aren’t really paying these because they can make them pretty easy themselves. But you’d be surprised these are going to be things that people are going to want on day one because they want to get into gathering, they want to get into the whole point of mining, they want to get this stuff right away.


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