The Allure of Fantasy Cricket in India

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Play fantasy sports and earn daily cash prizes with Real11. Convert your love for a sport into something more significant and critical. With an intent to dominate the entire fantasy sports market, Real11 has already governed the space of fantasy cricket in India

Fantasy Sports is a new trend in the E-gaming industry in India as well as in the whole world. It is essentially a virtual game where one can draft their unique teams of a sport they love comprising real-life players. To ace a contest within the realm of fantasy sports, one has to have sufficient knowledge of the sport, should know the nitty and gritty of the contest they are taking part in and relevant analytical skills to strategize a relevant game plan. Within the realm of the game of skill, fantasy cricket a.k.a. The Skill Game Pioneer has been the one which has acquired a major boom. In a country like ours, where people are mad about cricket, the concept of fantasy cricket was bound to achieve success. People are very passionate about the sport and consider cricketing stars as their idols. Sachin Tendulkar is an idol of millions of individuals who follow the sport.


Similarly, the fan following for the current Indian cricket team is on another level, as compared to other sports. People who love the sport want to get associated with it, in some way or another. This is where online fantasy cricket comes in. People follow the game and make teams online on relevant cricket fantasy apps. They pick out  the players which are most likely to start and perform. Then join contests as per their convenience, gain points and then win as per their performance within those particular contests.  With over a hundred free fantasy apps in the market, people have the alternative to hand pick the one that suits their requirements. 


Real11 is one of the numerous apps which not only allows users to play fantasy cricket but other sports as well. Loaded with a whole lot of interesting features, the best fantasy app in India has been at the vanguard for new and unique innovations within the skill game pioneer. Beside triumphing in conventional, here you will get the opportunity to boost your wallet via other variants such as live fantasy, second innings and spot fantasy contes. Spot Fantasy allows fantasy players to predict the outcome of the upcoming ball/over and bag cash rewards by joining the appropriate contests. Live Fantasy Contests provides users to create teams comprising 5 players each and play along in the limited overs match in the 5 overs interval. Second Innings Contests are intended for the second half of a match i.e. fantasy contests that allow users to play in the second innings of a cricket match. 


When more and more people are interested in fantasy cricket, they start watching the match concerning the team they have made. Some credits are provided to the users to select the players in their team. If a player selected by a user in his fantasy team does a significant action like scoring a century, taking a hattrick, etc. he/she is rewarded with credits which at the end of a contest are converted into real cash.People have won lakhs of rupees just by playing with the knowledge of their sport. Online fantasy sports are the future of e-gaming as people will be involved in the sport they love as well as their teams in fantasy sports.  What better way to earn money than by getting involved in a sport you love? Play fantasy cricket and stand a chance to avail for massive winnings.