What to opt – Pollution Masks or Nose Filter Mask

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Pollution Masks or Nose Filter Mask

Well, every one of us is well familiar with the fact that our air is polluted enough to leave us sick, not just sick but sick in bad terms. To safeguard our life from the toxic air present around us, we humans have started using filters and masks of different sorts. 


None of us can deny the fact that an increasing amount of pollutants around us has made air filters and mask a part of our daily use and has become a necessity as well. Availability of pollution masks and nose filter masks, in a vast range of variety, has offered humans with tons of options to select from. But you see, that’s where the problem arises, with so many options to choose from it becomes quite hard to get the best of them all, to save our precious lives.


Pollution Masks

We can figure out from its name itself, that these masks are flexible pads that cover our nose and mouth. They come in a confirmation of that of a surgical mask. To make sure that they do not come off your mouth, it comes with elastic straps to hold them. 


These masks surely, perform the function of protection from dust and pollution, but it has been observed from their usage and their efficiency is not that much as their manufacturers claim to be. It is also found that a major reason for its insufficiency is its design.


These masks do not tightly seal the areas around your nose and mouth, which permits dust particles and pollutants to make their way from the sides. Also, it forces the users to inhale the carbon dioxide back while exhaling it as it doesn’t provide the users with enough space for carbon dioxide to escape. These masks are cheaper and lighter. They are made of fabric mostly, thus they are not so discreet, which does not make them count under the category of invisible pollution masks


Nose Filter Mask


Similar to the pollution masks, the name of these marks explain it’s usage, these masks are specifically used to provide you protection from air pollutants. Studies have found nose filter masks are better than pollution masks.

These masks are designed in a structure of two tiny filters, which fits your nostrils perfectly. Where the structure of pollution masks was the reason for its inefficiency, there’s a different scenario here, the shape of these masks make sure of its efficiency and also make sure to provide full protection from dust pollution, allergies, and other particulate matter and air-borne allergies as well. 


Nose filter masks are the better alternative of pollution masks and allergy medication as well. These nose filters are made of invisible, soft, and flexible material, thus making them count under the category of invisible pollution masks. You can use them anywhere and while doing any task you are performing. One can use these invisible pollution masks, a couple of times as compared to common pollution masks. They provide almost 99.9% protection from harmful particles.