Ode on mountains and rivers

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Unexpectedly,calcium nitrate sol, the man just smiles and says, "It's a loss of respect for the prince's aides," which makes all his preparations in vain. stargrace-magnesite.com

Jiaoyuan not only has unique scenery, but also is the only way to go south and east. How many literati, tourists and officials, with a glass of sake and a willow branch, can go thousands of miles to Yan, Song, Qin and Wu. In the history of Anjing literature, I don't know how many poems were produced in Jiaoyuan, or wrote about traveling, or expressed their feelings of parting. As a scenic spot and thoroughfare for the two emperors of Qingmiao and Sutai, I don't know how many allusions have taken place here and how many winners and losers have been staged here. With this parting, I feel sad and sad, and no one asks about my future. With this parting, the four seas will become home. Every spring, Su Taihuang went up to the palace nobles and down to the common people, but whenever he had a little time and a little spare money, he could not avoid going to Jiaoyuan to enjoy the flowers and go for an outing, so as to live up to a season of flowers and moon. The daughters of wealthy families and the women of the common people are naturally in groups of three or five, driving cars and horses, all dressed like flowers and dreams, which can make young men look askance. But the boudoir man and the little Jasper are not willing to waste this beautiful spring scenery. Accompanied by family and friends, they walk through the apricot blossoms, but from time to time they float to the woman they like. Walking in the apricot forest, there is no lack of people wearing official clothes, as long as they wear official clothes, even young men are much more comfortable than their peers, or with friends or single, enjoying the spring scenery. In Sutai,caustic calcined magnesite, spring outings are the best social opportunities. Young men all hope to capture the heart of a wealthy daughter by picking up a flower or dropping a book, as in opera or script. As for young women, they naturally look for opportunities for sexual encounters. Zhao Tongying was born in a family of one of the richest businessmen in the capital city. He has always spent a lot of money and knows how to enjoy life. Not only did she buy a spacious house in a big way as soon as she arrived in the capital, but she also had different careers in Yuntai and Jiaoyuan as early as when she was a young secretary. She really liked the charm and grace of Jiaoyuan, even when she lived in seclusion in Nanshan, every apricot blossom day, she always went to Jiaoyuan to live for several days, and now naturally it is no exception. On this day, she was dressed in a beautiful car and brocade clothes, surrounded by clouds and temples,Magnesium Oxide price, swayed by phoenixes, and even wore exquisite rings. She was originally a beautiful woman, but she did not know whether the eyes were full of enchanting apricot blossoms or charming people under the flowers. Also do not want the servant to follow, Shi Shiran along the way, while walking and watching, when in high spirits, reciting one or two excellent works of predecessors. Around noon, I came to the side of Qingyu Tower, where the stream was winding, the fallen grass was colorful, and the green water was red around the beams and pillars. I was looking up at the beautiful scenery of the first scenic spot in Jiaoyuan among the green hills, flowers and trees, but I heard a man behind me singing faintly: "The apricot forest hides the painting pavilion, the thin red tassel belt flows, fourteen years after the rain tower, the boat tied under the flowers is not stable, sighing a few times, thinking of old friends.". Yellow crane over the building, old friend ever read? The old spring breeze is a new sorrow. Want to break the new branch with the wine, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, the end is not like, young swim. (2) ” She was surprised by the handsome words, blurted out a "good word", looked for the sound, but saw a young man in white after the flowers and trees, is also looking at her side. Fourteen years after the rain tower, the boat under the flowers is not stable, sighing a few times, thinking of old friends.. Good sentence! While praising, he looked at the person in front of him and said "what a beautiful person" in his heart. The young man in white probably did not expect that the man who opened his mouth was not only young but also unusually beautiful. He was somewhat shy and stepped back to one side to let the way out and wait for the man to pass by. Zhao Tongying, however, took two steps closer and said with a smile, "I raised my hand and broke off an apricot blossom and handed it to the man. I said softly," If you want to break off a new branch and drink the same wine, it won't be the same in the end. Young people swim.. Although I dare not mention it to your old friend, I would like to invite you to drink a glass of wine. (2) Changed from "Tang Duo Ling" by Liu Guo of the Southern Song Dynasty, the original words: "The reed leaves are full of Tingzhou, and the cold sand is shallow.". Twenty years, over the South Tower. The boat under the willows is still not stable, but in a few days, it will be the Mid-Autumn Festival. The yellow crane breaks the head of the rock. Has the old friend ever been there? Old rivers and mountains, muddy is new sorrow. Want to buy sweet-scented osmanthus with wine, the end is not like, youth swim. Chapter 3 Shaowang Fu (Updated: February 27, 2005 10:51:00 Words in this chapter: 8454) The red apricot blossom branch was gently handed to him, and the petals of the branch touched his fingertips slightly. He could not help but stretch out his finger and touch it, and then withdraw as if he had been burned, but the man took advantage of the situation to send it forward, and the flower branch finally came into his hands. I heard the graceful voice of the man, "This way, please." Qingyu Tower is worthy of the name of Jiaoyuan Scenic Spot, facing the mountains near the water, during which the layout is elegant, elegant seats are located on the side of the mountain, diners look up to Cui Wei's winding Nanping Mountain. In the lobby on the second floor, there are young and beautiful men and women playing and singing, but they are not as enchanting as those in ordinary restaurants, but elegant works. It is said that the poets of the imperial capital of Sutai often felt honored that their works could be sung on the Qingyu Tower. Zhao Tongying reported his name with a smile. The young man looked a little surprised and immediately said, "Ming Shuang, the seven secretaries of Xiaguan Yongzhou and the Prince's Palace." As soon as the official position was reported, there was no change on her face, but in her heart she really cried out "pity". In the family of the princes of Sutai and the shogunate of high-ranking officials who had the right to open the government, the official positions of "secretary" and "clerk", which were not high in rank and heavy in position, but could accompany them all the time, were often used by nobles and high-ranking officials to place their lovers. The real imperial clan women pay attention to the well-matched marriage, even if the concubine can not be too casual, so to some men of humble origin and very favorite, give these official positions that they can control at will, not only can be justified in the side, but also let the lover have more or less rank. In fact, it is polite to say "lover", and men with such status even bear the traces of "official prostitute". Once upon a time, the woman who fell in love with her and was called a rare talent by her, the harem maid Shuiying, was also said by many people to be the favorite concubine who loved the mirror. Because of her humble birth, she could not be a concubine, and she was not willing to be a concubine, so she constantly took the official position of the harem to appease her. Since Ming Shuang became the secretary of Prince He's Mansion, he has long been accustomed to greeting each other with strange expressions as soon as he reports his position. Now he habitually wears a faint smile on his lips. Unexpectedly,calcium nitrate sol, the man just smiles and says, "It's a loss of respect for the prince's aides," which makes all his preparations in vain. stargrace-magnesite.com