Drunk pillow rivers and mountains

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The golden man finally gave in. At today's closing price. "Impossible!"! I'm losing a lot at this price. "That's all I can offer!" "Then we have nothing to talk about!" "Think about whether money or life is important." I won

Yang Fan had been ready for a long time, and finally caught an opportunity. How could he show mercy? He punched out, but heard a "click". Yang Jun was hit by this punch and flew out of the air. He fell more than thirty feet away and hit a hall pillar. Then he fell heavily on the green brick floor. As soon as Yang Fan punched out, he could not help snorting. He felt that the metacarpal bone was cracked and the pain was unbearable. He was shocked in his heart: "Could it be that this fellow has practiced horizontal kungfu like the Golden Bell Jar? How could this punch be like an iron stone?" How can Yang Jun have such brilliant martial arts? His martial arts are good, but they are still far inferior to Yang Fan's. Lupin chose him for the court mainly because of his good looks. Lu Binzhi was not sure what kind of man Empress Wei would like, so he chose Ma Qinke, who did not know any martial arts, but had an elegant temperament, and Yang Jun, who was handsome and masculine. Lubin's skill is inferior to Yang Fan, but also bend your knees to cover up your height, Yang Fan suddenly shot, he simply can't escape, but Yang Fan this punch Xu Li although fierce, at least can break his three ribs, but should not hit him so far, but under his robe this is hidden blade, Yang Fan this punch just hit the knife face, this punch is too overbearing, unexpectedly broke the knife, The broken blade cut Yang Jun's soft rib. Yang Jun was hit by a punch, hit heavily on the hall pillar and fell to the ground, "wow" a mouthful of blood spurted out, he still wanted to struggle, hurried to climb up, suddenly looked up, saw a cold flash, Yang Fan seems to.. Pulling a knife? A trace of blood, suddenly flashed between Yang Jun's eyebrows, Yang Jun stayed for a while, a head suddenly split in two. Seeing such a strange scene, Fu Qingqing was so frightened that he screamed and jumped back. Even Li Longji was startled: "Good.." Quick knife! "Snap!" Yang Fan looked like the action of drawing a knife, but it turned out to be returning the knife to the scabbard. Jiro! Shangguan Waner wept with joy and threw herself into Yang Fan's arms. This coup is completely different from the Shenlong coup. There is no force in the court to respond, and there is no force in the palace to respond. Since the plum blossom inner guard was dismissed by Li Xian and expelled from the palace,Chinese spa manufacturer, Waner can't keep a master guard around her even if she wants to. Moreover, according to the plan, as long as Yang Fan and others can enter the palace smoothly, he will come immediately, who would have thought of this accident. Seeing that she was about to get rid of this identity, she would no longer be accompanied by official documents. From then on, she would help her husband and teach her children, and be a happy woman. Suddenly, Waner was not afraid. It was not until this moment that she was relieved and cried with joy after throwing herself into Yang Fan's arms. In the courtyard, Liu Youqiu heard an exclamation of surprise from inside. "Quick, protect the county king!" Then he rushed in. Li Longji had already seen what was going on. He was afraid that more people would know about Waner and Yang Fan. He immediately shouted, "Stay outside!" With a shout, Li Longji frowned and said to Yang Fan, "General, what on earth is going on?" Li Longji shouted loudly and stopped Liu Youqiu. Liu Youqiu was full of doubts, but did not dare to disobey orders. After about two sticks of incense, Li Longji walked out of the Hongwen Hall and said lightly, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,Whirlpool bathtub, "The Shangguan family is attached to the Wei family. Their crimes are unforgivable. They have already been executed. Let's collect her body." Liu Youqiu was taken aback. Unexpectedly, Li Longji was so decisive. He responded respectfully in his heart. When he walked into the hall, he saw a pool of blood on the ground. A corpse had been wrapped up in a straw mat and tied up. Yang Fan stood aside and comforted Fu Qingqing and the other three palace maids in harmony, saying, "You don't have to worry. The king of the county will only punish the chief criminal. He won't implicate the innocent. You can go with me until the palace is stable. It's up to you to go or stay." Liu Youqiu waved his hand and said, "Somebody, take the corpse away." Two imperial soldiers went in to carry the straw mat. One soldier moved it up, revealing a pair of big feet in the straw mat, wearing men's boots. Liu Youqiu was startled and hurriedly shouted, "Stop!" Liu Youqiu turned his head to take a look at the three palace maids who left behind Yang Fan, and saw one of them bow her head in a hurry, and her posture seemed to be. Liu Youqiu didn't dare to speak out. He turned around hurriedly and said to himself, "Sure enough, the king of the county is interested in Shangguan Zhaorong.". Stealing the dragon and turning the phoenix, Shangguan Zhaorong was afraid to change his name, and was accepted by the county king as a forbidden palace. ” Liu Youqiu hurriedly went to the window and pulled down two curtains and plugged the two ends of the mat. Then he breathed a sigh of relief and thought to himself, "Oh!"! My ninth aunt is a young and beautiful widowed woman, since the county king has such a hobby, I might as well find an opportunity to introduce.. Sincerely ask for monthly ticket and recommended ticket! . (To be continued.) Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 1202 one thing, one thing. In the third quarter of the second watch, Ge Fushun killed Wei Bo, Wei Zhuo and Gao Chong in the Flying Riding Camp. At the same time, Chu Kuangge and Ma Qiao in the Ten Thousand Riding Camp launched an attack and killed Wei Wei and Wei Jie, thus controlling the Flying Riding and Ten Thousand Riding. In the middle of the night, ten thousand riders and flying riders marched toward the palace city at the same time. The flying riders attacked the Xuande Gate, ten thousand riders attacked the Jiayou Gate, and Li Longji moved from the Forbidden Garden to the Xuanwu Gate. In the fourth watch, Empress Wei, Anle, Wu Yanxiu, and Shangguan Waner were successively awarded the first prize, and Li Longji moved to the Taiji Hall. Immediately, the suppression of Wei's pro-party began throughout the city. Prince Taibao, Tongzhongshu Menxia Sanpin, and Wei Wen, the general manager of the military forces in Chang'an, crossed the wall when the front and back gates were attacked at the same time. They fled to the north gate of Dongshi in panic and were killed by the pursuers. Zhongshu ordered Zong Chuke to escape from the house at night, dressed up as a traveling merchant, and led a donkey to hide in the lane of the square. After dawn, he sneaked out of the gate of the square, intending to escape from Chang'an from Tonghua Gate. As a result, because there was too much gold and silver hidden in the gate, the Nanya imperial guards who were interrogated found their true identity and immediately beheaded the donkey. Zong Jinqing, Zhao Luwen and other sworn followers of the Wei family were killed at home by ten thousand riders. Wei Juyuan, the prime minister, who was eighty years old, was stabbed to death by a flying rider at the foot of the mansion because of his attachment to the Wei Party. Li Yong, the secretary supervisor, married Empress Wei's widowed younger sister, and Dou Congyi, the imperial censor, married Empress Wei's mother. He often boasted about this. This time, when he heard of the surprise in the palace, Empress Wei was executed. The two people were shocked and killed his wife decisively. They held their heads and rushed to the palace in order not to die. By daybreak, the purge in the city was drawing to a close. In order to show his loyalty to the prime minister,jacuzzi bath spa, Cui ri, the assistant minister of the Ministry of War, sent his troops out of the city to kill the Wei clan in Fanchuan. monalisa.com