The heart of Shenzhen

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The golden man finally gave in. At today's closing price. "Impossible!"! I'm losing a lot at this price. "That's all I can offer!" "Then we have nothing to talk about!" "Think about whether money or life is important." I won

This result is good, this result, I began to secretly rejoice, silently said in my heart, it seems that things are not too bad, there is hope to save the defeat. After General Manager Liu was pushed into the ward, I, Liu Jia and her mother stayed in the room, and the rest of the staff were sent away. After that, the traffic police came to find out the situation. After 10 P. m., Liu Jia and I left the hospital to go home at the urging of Liu Jia's mother. As soon as I left the hospital gate, Liu Jia fainted in my arms. She was frightened by the doctor's diagnosis of her father. I stopped a taxi to take Liu Jia home. When I carried Liu Jia to bed, I found that she had a fever and her head was burning badly. This night, I have not slept, sitting on the edge of Liu Jia's bed watching her. When she took the medicine and felt a little better, Liu Jia held me and crawled in my arms and burst into tears. I was very sad. I looked at the sad woman in my arms. I really wanted to confess everything to her and keep her away from me. But I couldn't. Since I couldn't stop the tragedy at that moment, I had no reason to tell her the truth now. The grief would be cured,jacuzzi suppliers, but it would never end in this way. I needed her father to sleep in the hospital for two months. Then everything will work out, and I will have achieved my goal, and everything will be perfect. The next evening, I visited the attending doctor who was in charge of General Manager Liu's treatment. On the third day, the final diagnosis of the injury came out, and a diagnosis of brain injury was placed in front of everyone. From May 10, General Manager Liu began his treatment. He gave up his job in the company at the suggestion of the attending doctor and began to receive long-term treatment. A week after the crash,whirlpool hot tub, General Manager Li began to take over the work of the company under the assignment of his superiors. Later, when I left, I went to visit Mr. Li again. I mentioned our past agreement very implicitly. He waved his hand to me to show that he understood everything. That night, we had dinner together in a secret place and congratulated each other on our success. Ten days after I returned to Shenzhen, the North Company issued a correction about the lawsuit. And then I called the golden guest. Your backstage has collapsed. What else can you say now? If you quit now, I'll give you a chance. I said in a very gentle tone. Boy, you're good! I want to talk to you in person. We can work together to get this done. Wu Qingyu's tone was very friendly at this time. General Manager Wu, no need! I said from my heart that I was afraid of you, and I was afraid of being done by you. It's better for me to be alone. Wu Qingyu chuckled on the phone, "I am not so easy to admit defeat.". If you don't want to do it with me, I can't help it. I won't earn the money for this order. If you like to cooperate or not, it's nothing to earn tens of millions less. "If it's just a few tens of millions, hot tub spa manufacturers ,american hot tub, it's all right, but I'm afraid you'll lose more than that.". If you have to let me not live, then I have to give you the words to expose, I have let you lose the old things, you have the evidence of stock manipulation and illegal money laundering. I have copies of your correspondence with PolyOne Hong Kong and Doreus Brothers Finance in Bermuda. Also, I have the information about the director of the Credit Department of the Shanghai Branch of the Domestic Commercial Bank. Don't let me be cruel, if you don't give me the stock, I'll only let you die ugly! Don't talk big and scare me? What are you? "Well, I invite you to listen to this recording." I turned on the recorder and put the microphone on the speaker. Wu Qingyu listened and was silent for a long time. How's it going? I'm not trying to scare you. I say Turtle bastard! Wu cursed and hung up the phone. All right, it seems that I still let him believe that I have a bargaining chip in my hand. To be honest, the information I have is not enough to put Wu in prison. How could I possibly have information about his money laundering through PolyOne in Hong Kong and Dolores Brothers Finance in Bermuda? I told him that to make him feel that I did have enough to kill him. I don't think Wu will take such a big risk to get involved in this trouble. How can he not be afraid of such a big case. I don't really want to kill the gold man. Because it's not good for me, but I gave Wu Qingyu this threat as part of the blow to him, the final blow to force Wu Qingyu to give in. Generally speaking, no one is not afraid of this threat. For a person like Wu Qingyu who stands at the peak of success, it is unimaginable to lose a comfortable and comfortable life, which is the weakness of human nature. If a person has nothing, then this threat will not have much power, but when this person has wealth, status and power, it is generally impossible for this person to risk his freedom and even his life for the sake of pique or self-esteem. This is the weakness of this kind of person. I know this, and I am confident about forcing Wu Qingyu to yield. A day later, I called Wu Qingyu in the street. Mr. Wu, have you made up your mind? "What are you thinking?" "I tell you, I am now in the post office, ready to report you, I copied four copies of the information, packed in four brown paper bags, ready to send out to the State Council letters and visits office, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the head office of the People's Bank of China and the Securities Regulatory Commission.". If you are still stubborn, I will have to send it. "Don't do that, brother!" Wu's tone softened a lot. "It's just for money. Why drive people to death?" I didn't force you to death, you forced me to death. To tell you the truth, I made this single loan, I carried hundreds of millions of accounts, since you do not let me go, let me die, I will not let you live. Wu was silent for a moment. Then he said, "At this point,indoor endless pool, I understand.". If I don't cut you some slack, I won't cut myself any slack. All right, give me a day to get ready. "No!"! I can only give you half a day. "All right!"! You call me at night. I called at 8:00 in the evening. Wu Qingyu's first words surprised me. What price do you offer? The golden man finally gave in. At today's closing price. "Impossible!"! I'm losing a lot at this price. "That's all I can offer!" "Then we have nothing to talk about!" "Think about whether money or life is important." I won't give in.