The ex-husband is too arrogant

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Just after Ruan Qiaoan's voice fell, Lu Ziyan immediately opened his mouth and said. You two are welcome. This is our duty. If there is any new progress, we will contact you in time. The policewoman waved her hand hurriedly.

The wound on her back had not yet healed, so every step she took, Ruan Qiaoan could feel the burning pain on her back, but she didn't care now, because the pain in her heart was a thousand times more painful than that. Lu Ziyan helped her into the car, then observed his face, saw that her painful forehead was already sweating, and her face was very pale, he changed his attention, just wanted to open his mouth to let Ruan Qiaoan go back, she opened her mouth first. You don't have to persuade me anymore, even if I go out today, I will spend the rest of my life in a hospital bed, then I will choose to go out, because. Aunt Liu is the most grateful and guilty person in my life. Then he closed his eyes and stopped looking at Lu Ziyan. When Lu Ziyan heard her say this, he could only sigh deeply, then sit in the driver's seat and drive slowly towards the police station. Inside the morgue,aluminum tile edge trim, Ruan Qiaoan hesitated at the door for a long time, did not have the courage to open the door, thinking that she was about to see Aunt Liu's body, she was afraid. Holding Lu Ziyan's hand tightly, he stepped back slowly, then closed his eyes and said softly, "Lu Ziyan,aluminium tile trim profiles, I'm afraid. I dare not go in and face Aunt Liu. What should I do?" Don't be afraid, I'm still here! I will always be with you. Lu Ziyan also held her hand tightly. Only then did Ruan Qiaoan slowly restrain his inner fear, then took a deep breath, raised his hand and gently pushed open the door in front of him. As soon as the door opened, the cold air mixed with disinfectant water spread out from inside. When Lu Ziyan saw it, he hurriedly took off his coat and put it on Ruan Qiaoan before helping her walk in slowly. By the side of Aunt Liu's body, Ruan Qiaoan stretched out his trembling hand and stroked it gently. She touched Aunt Liu's already cold face. Then there was a desperate smile at the corners of his mouth: "Auntie, are you blaming Joann?"? If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't.. Unable Speaking of this, Ruan Qiaoan has been crying speechless, can only look at Aunt Liu's calm, pale face tears. Lu Ziyan held her in his arms and looked at Aunt Liu and said, aluminium edge trim ,metal trim manufacturers, "Auntie, you can rest assured that I will find out the murderer who killed you. Moreover, I will take good care of Joann for you so that she won't be hurt again. You.." You can go with peace of mind. Ruan Qiaoan now just looked at Aunt Liu's body with misty eyes: "Ah." Aunt, you can rest assured, Joanne. Joann will take care of the welfare home for you and go back to apologize to the children in the welfare home in person, if. If it wasn't for me.. And they won't lose you. In order not to make Ruan Qiaoan too sad, Lu Ziyan soon came out with her in her arms. As soon as she walked out of the morgue, a policewoman came over with a list: "Hello, Miss Ruan, right?"? We have examined the body of your loved one and found no other clues, so when do you decide to claim the body? "You're still wounded, and I'll help you with these things!" Lu Ziyan said to Ruan Qiaoan in a low voice. OK Ruan Qiaoan nodded gently, "but I have a request, after the cremation of Aunt Liu's body, I want to send her back to her hometown for burial, because Aunt Liu said before that she would be buried with her wife after her death, and I also want to go back to deal with the welfare home." "Well, leave everything to me, and when your wound is better, we'll send Aunt Liu back together." Lu Ziyan answered briskly. I wonder where the case is now? Ruan Qiaoan looked up at the policewoman again and asked. The policewoman frowned: "We did not find any trace of the suspect either on the body or at the scene where the body was found, and because there is no surveillance video, we still have no clue." "There is no clue?" Lu Ziyan was a little unhappy, "including the body, not even a fingerprint was found?" "No.". "The policewoman nodded affirmatively." The murderer was so thoughtful that he didn't even leave a fingerprint on the bandage for the wound of the deceased. So we are at a loss now. We don't know where to start. Now we only hope that your family members can provide me with any clues, such as whether the deceased has any enemies or people who have had a quarrel. " Ruan Qiaoan frowned and thought for a moment: "No, Aunt Liu is from the township, because of me these days." I had something to do, so I took her over from my hometown. She didn't know anyone yet, so there wouldn't be anyone who had any problems. Chapter 169 you say one more word! At this point, he looked up at the policewoman and said, "As for what enemies you are talking about.". That's even less likely. Because Aunt Liu is very nice and has a gentle personality. So she is very popular. I have never heard that she has any enemies. All right, I've written down what you said. The policewoman smiled and nodded. I have a somewhat offensive question to ask you. I don't know if I can? As long as it is helpful to the case, you can ask at will. No matter what the problem. Ruan Qiaoan said softly. What I want to ask is, what is your relationship with the deceased? If you call her aunt, then the relationship between her and your aunt? The policewoman asked with some puzzlement. After hearing this, Ruan Qiaoan smiled at the corners of his mouth: "She is not my aunt.". But like my mother, because she is very important to me, so I ask you. Be sure to help me find out who did it. After the policewoman listened to Ruan Qiaoan's words, the puzzlement in her heart became more profound. But she knew that everyone had their own story, so she didn't ask any more questions. Instead,stainless tile trim, he nodded his assurance to Ruan Qiaoan: "Miss Ruan.". You can rest assured that we will work hard to bring the murderer to justice. Ruan Qiaoan thanked him with a smile: "Thank you for that." "It's been hard." Just after Ruan Qiaoan's voice fell, Lu Ziyan immediately opened his mouth and said. You two are welcome. This is our duty. If there is any new progress, we will contact you in time. The policewoman waved her hand hurriedly.