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Original title: When the Soviet Union dug through the earth, why did it stop digging to 12265 meters? 50 years later, the truth comes to light. Earth It is the mother of human civilization. Since the birth of human beings,

His answer was obviously beyond Liu Yi's expectation. After looking a little pale, Liu Yi said, "In that case, why did you come to see me?"? Don't you know I only listen to Yan Shuai's instructions? "I've come to see you to discuss things with you," said Liu Yu calmly. "Brother Zong, do you know you're in danger now? I am not being alarmist. If the current situation develops, it is very likely that none of you will be able to go back alive. Even if he was lucky enough to escape, he was still a dead end after returning to Jiankang. With a disapproving look on his face, Liu Yi snorted, "I have my own sense of propriety when it comes to marching and fighting. It's not that I'm wise after the event, but that long before the attack on Kuaiji, we had anticipated the situation in front of us, so we were ready. Now the momentum of the counter-attack seems to be huge, but it's just a return of light. It's hard to change the defeat." Liu Yu knew that Liu Yi was not direct enough to "sniff" at his words, or frankly said, "Why do you teach me?" It was already very restrained. Because, in the final analysis, they have never torn their faces, they can still maintain their superficial politeness and respect. So the two men stood and talked, staring at each other, the smell of gunpowder getting stronger and stronger, seeing a word of disagreement, either one side left,Pallet rack beams, or the other side left in a huff. Liu Yu snigger in the heart, just look at Liu Yi haggard eyelids, then know he is strong outside but weak inside, barely holding on, in fact from Liu Yi willing to see him Liu Yu, can speculate Liu Yi inner timidity, so want to hear what he Liu Yu have to say. Liu Yu sighed and stepped forward. He walked around Liu Yi to his back and said softly, "Brother Zong,radio shuttle racking, do you remember?"? That night I boarded General He's ship and advised him not to go to Jiankang, but General He's honest advice was unpleasant to the ear and insisted on his own way. As a result, he was killed on the way to Jiankang. This is not only moved with emotion, but also implies a warning, advised Liu Yi not to turn a deaf ear to his words, otherwise he will repeat the same mistakes. Liu Yi hesitated for a moment, then sighed and said, "How could I forget this?"? Because of this, many of my brothers and I could not accept the fact that my brother had defected to Sima Daozi. Brother Zong, can you tell me why you do this? You Liu Yu is no longer the former Liu Yu, teach me how dare to trust you? ——” "Brother Zong has made a mistake," Liu said slowly. "I'm not defecting to Sima Daozi. I'm willing to be his running dog. I'm working for the court. ——” Liu Yi turned around and stared at his broad shoulders and thick back. "Is there a difference?" He asked angrily. "Of course there's a big difference," said Liu Yu in his spare time. One day none of us rebelled, up to Xie Yan, down to brother, who is not working for the court? If Sima Daozi is equal to the imperial court, heavy duty racking system ,Industrial pallet rack, there is no difference between the elder brother and me, right? Liu Yi was at a loss for words. Liu Yu turned around and faced Liu Yi. "The last chance is at hand," he shouted. "I'm not threatening. One of the two cities, Wu Jun and Jiaxing, will never survive until the sun rises tomorrow. As long as one city is lost, the other city will be in danger. Then it's Haiyan's turn. Yan Shuai's troops will become a solitary army short of food and aid. What will happen?"? Brother Zong should know without me saying it. Liu Yi said in a deep voice, "Brother Zong, don't be alarmist. What facts can support your view?" Liu Yu knew that Liu Yi had been moved by him, and remembered the tragic consequences of He Qian's refusal to listen to Liu Yu's honest advice that day, and finally couldn't help asking what was going on. Liu Yu said with a smile, "Do you know that Xu Daofu's main army has not yet been dispatched?" Liu Yi frowned and said, "The main force?" "Xu Daofu's main siege force," said Liu Yu, "has been lurking in Wujun and the Hudulei east of Jiaxing, with a force of fifty thousand. It is the elite of the Tianshi Army. Not only has it done a very thorough job in preparing for the siege, but it is also ready to act. It is so sharp that it cannot be resisted by the defenders of Wujun and Jiaxing, who have been exhausted for a long time. In addition, the civilians and thieves in the two cities are hard to distinguish. When the siege surprise soldiers attack on a large scale, the mutinous soldiers in the dormant city will cooperate from inside to outside. How long do you think the two cities can keep? That day, the young lady's husband lost Kuaiji and lost his life. The same history will repeat itself, Wu Jun and Jiaxing are like this, and the sea salt of the elder brother can not be spared. ” Liu Yi turned pale and said, "Hu Du Lei?" Liu Yu looked at his expression and knew that he had never heard of the three words "Hu Du Lei", and he only knew such a place name five days ago. He said in a deep voice, "Hu Du Lei was a naval base in the time of Sun Quan of the Kingdom of Wu. It had been abandoned for many years. It was only recently rebuilt by the Tianshi Army as a place to hide soldiers. Five days ago, this counterattack unit of the division army left its hiding place and marched toward Wu Jun. Last night at the latest, it had advanced to the outside of Wu Jun. There is not a word I have said. Brother Zong will be able to receive the message that Wu Jun urgently needs help today." The blood on Liu Yi's face faded. After staring at Liu Yu for a long time, he said, "I want to inform Yan Shuai immediately." "Is it useful?" Asked Liu Yu lightly. Liu Yi was speechless. "What kind of material is Yan Shuai?" Said Liu Yu. "We, the brothers of Beifu soldiers, all know that such a rapid expansion is a big taboo for military strategists.". Look at what kind of situation is now, the original momentum of the expeditionary force, now become fragmented, troops and troops can not play a mutually supportive role. Once the two cities of Wu Jun and Jiaxing fell, the route for providing foodstuff and the rear road were cut off, which turned into a bad situation for each other. Brother Zong thought that with only three thousand defenders in Haiyan now, how long could he hold out? Sea salt is a city near the sea, as long as the Tianshi army large-scale fleet to kill, cut off Yancheng and Kuaiji, Shangyu sea traffic, sea salt will become an isolated city, can not defend, can not escape. Brother Zong is now at the moment of life and death. Whether he can turn bad luck into good luck depends on his first thought. Liu Yi's lips trembled as if he had collapsed. It took him a while to recover his ability to speak. "What else can I do?" He asked. Liu Yu wondered why you, an arrogant and conceited fellow who was afraid of death, would not yield. But of course, he had to save his face. He said sincerely, "The only way to survive is for us to work together and fight side by side, trying to survive in a desperate situation.". After all, we are still brothers, and let bygones be bygones. The last two sentences were the last thing Liu Yu wanted to say to Liu Yi,warehouse rack manufacturer, but he finally said that if Liu Yi could be loyal to him from now on, Liu Yu would regard him as a brother again and never abandon him, but of course it depends on Liu Yi's future performance. omracking.com