Hard as water

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With his foot, he kicked away the sticky mud on the manure,

With his foot, he kicked away the sticky mud on the manure, and immediately, the warm, white and fragrant smell of the grass manure,interactive flat panel display, which had been fermenting in the mud all winter, rushed into his nose and into the nose of everyone in the investigation team. On the same day, the old regimental commander walked into the Chenggang brigade headquarters. Your name is Gao Aijun? "Ah." "You were a soldier?" "Does the chief come from my name?" I never judge people by their appearance,smartboard for business, nor guess people by their names. I think your brigade's fertilizer is neat and uniform, and those who have not been soldiers will not ask the common people to do so. I smiled. He asked, "Have you ever won the title of'revolutionary vanguard 'in the county?" I smiled again, looking very shy. What do you think of the relationship between revolution and production? I said, interactive panel board ,86 smart board, "We must firmly grasp the revolution and vigorously promote production.". If production does not go up, revolution will easily be regarded as empty talk. Production has gone up, and the banner of revolution is flying everywhere. The old colonel's eyes lit up and he looked at me without blinking. Gao Aijun, tell me the truth, did you write the ten thousand words about Wang Zhenhai in your town? My eyes are wide open. What material of ten thousand words? He still stared at me coldly. You really didn't write it? I said, "Chief, have you investigated?"? What exactly did I write? Mayor Wang has made mistakes, and I do have opinions about him. For example, his theoretical level is not high, for example, he likes to curse people in his speech, and for example, he is tolerant of the feudal superstition activities of the Chenggang Brigade. I have said these opinions to the people in the county before. We can't get some results without investigation just because I said these things. Chairman Mao said, 'No investigation, no right to speak'.. The colonel waved his hand to me and stopped me. I talked to more than 20 people in Chenggang Town for three days. Everyone was nervous when they saw me speak. Only you were so righteous that you didn't stammer. At this point,interactive boards for classrooms, the old regimental commander suddenly stopped and suddenly changed the subject and asked me, "Are you in your twenties this year?" I said, "27." 。 hsdsmartboard.com