Deforestation essay sample

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Deforestation is the removal of trees on the land that is soon going to be used for purposes that are not connected with nature

To begin with, deforestation is the removal of trees on the land that is soon going to be used for purposes that are not connected with nature preservation in any way. In other words, one is most likely to build houses or plans on that land.

The reason why this problem is so important is that forests cover 31% of the land on the planet. Thus, the produce essential oxygen that helps us breathe and animals survive. A lot of endangered species live in forests. The more trees get cut, the worse the situation gets on our planet.

Another reason why forests are so important is that they work as a carbon sink. To be more specific, trees soak up all that carbon dioxide. Otherwise, it would go into atmosphere as well as have its great influence on the ongoing climate change processes. Statistic data show that 15% of greenhouse gas emissions occur because of deforestation. Deforestation destroys homes of many species. As a result, they cannot survive in other conditions. In order to find out more about the impact of deforestation as well as those initiatives that can help preserve our planet, do not hesitate to go buy essay online safe to EssayPay.

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Essay example "What are the effects of prolonged steroid use on the human body?"

Anabolic-androgen steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone used to enhance muscle growth. They also reduce muscle damage and stimulate recovery after the workouts, which are essential processes to athletes. Steroids belong to performance-enhancing drugs, and many organizations prohibit their use. Nevertheless, athletes keep taking steroids for a long time before the big event to get stronger and more resilient.

Steroids help to build strong muscles quickly but other effects come along. An increase of testosterone causes acne, fatigue, and mood swings. Decreased appetite and sleeping disorders make it difficult to be productive. Disturbed metabolism does not allow people to function properly unless they take another portion of the drug. That is how steroid addiction develops.

Long-term effects of write my university essay example anabolic steroids are even more worrisome. Though testosterone does not trigger an immediate response in the brain, the production of neurotransmitters is clearly disturbed over the time. Mood swings transform into lasting aggression that drags paranoia and delusion. Women develop baldness and experience growth of excessive body hair. Men face enlarged breasts and decreased sperm production. Due to the prolonged intake of hormones, these effects are irreversible.

Cardiovascular system and liver are heavily distressed by the excessive intake of synthetic hormones. The human body has a certain physical resource, and high performance has its costs. Heart attack and stroke may happen even to young athletes who overuse steroids. The disturbed balance of lipoproteins drags atherosclerosis, and there are high chances of developing clots. The liver cannot stand high concentrations of synthetic hormones either and it may develop tumors.

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