How is the administrative review helpful when the skilled worker visa is refused?

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Administrative review is the very first and best option available to the people if the application is been rejected or refused by the home office

Administrative review is the very first and best option available to the people if the application is been rejected or refused by the home office but this administrative review does not work everywhere but it is only applicable under the point based systems. It can also be useful for the skilled  worker visa of the U.K.


Sometimes for many people the administrative review process can be a complicated one. However, there are so many solicitors and agencies are available in order to guide as well as suggest to all the people to take the right way to get the visa smoothly. Visa and migration is one of the companies that are very famous as well as very trusted in this field of operation. Moreover, this company can actually make the whole process of getting the skilled worker visa for you more easy and more quick in a friendly and smoother way.


So, what exactly is the Administrative Review?


It is the process for applying for an entry clearance or we can say the visa applications in order to challenge the refusal due to some error or confusion.


Here are the types of visas that are eligible to apply for the same. Have a look at them:


  1. The skilled worker visa
  2. Tier 2 visa
  3. Tier 4 
  4. Entrepreneur visa
  5. Tier 1 investors visa.
  6. Indefinite leave to remain in the U.K. or ILR


Basically, the administrative authority of reviewing the decisions of the home office is an independent and a transparent body, which reviews the refusals and ultimately makes original and fair decisions for the people. 


Basically, a skilled worker visa allows the person to visit to the boundaries of the U.K. and work as an eligible person with the registered and approved employer there. However there are a few things that are need to be taken care of such as salary of the person, age of the person, the sponsorship certificate given by the employer or the company to the person, etc. 


Here are a requirements for getting the visa of the skilled worker of the U.K.:


  1. The knowledge and professional proficiency of the English language.
  2. The minimum salary of the person should be according to the standards
  3. Certificate of the sponsorship should be provided by the employers.
  4. All the documents must be genuine.