Pvp favorable as we were used to before

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We agree on much. Right now wildy slayer is the quickest training, there's a great banite place for people withour RotM done, wildy agility course+demonic skull would be runescape 3 gold, moths are excellent agil+hunter xp and the bloodwoodtrees are good. I think that's about it in the moment. The suggestion is largely about greating an environment where new content could be inserted. Put in some stuff that really needs you to bring things, give pkers something to struggle for, but don't punish the shedding runescape participant by setting them back 100's of millions.

There is still the issue of creating a diverse population of skiller, a functional ecology. The runescape player together with the poorer gear is unlikely to draw, much less win, so there is only two options, skilling gear, or scythe of instadeath. There's not a lack of Skillers, there's also a lack of Killers. You'd need a truly huge population of Skillers, becoming crazy xp to make that happen, and today xp balance is the new problem. The other choice is to balance battle so that you can not purchase battle, you have to make it as a runescape participant. In other words, my combat levels alone ought to be the largest factor in winning, or being a part of a veteran to trip my competitor with tile and tick manipulation.

Certainly agree the EOC process is not as pvp favorable as we were used to before that, however it takes some time to build around 80% adren, and if people were willing to risk more, they would have a pvp harm decline in the armour. Perhaps they can look up the pvp-damage-reduction a little at it. As they already have a dmg reduction on them, I believe it may be a case for eventually using tank armour. But I feel that even with pvp harm turned down a little, the wildy still will be as empty as it now is.

That would definitely be the reverse of what I wish to achieve. I think there's willingness in Jagex to hear suggestions, so long as they're widely carried. That's why having a conversation, listening to the pro's and con's of perspectives that I don't personally hold, will help to give a longer hollistic view of this entire upgrade, and Jagex will love and take notes. It is a massive area I had a lot of fun in back when pvp was handicapped, and I've mostly avoided it ever since. I feel there are a good deal of individuals who avoid it as much as you can, so I figured I'd just ask to buy 2007 runescape gold and see what folks thought.And if it turns out I'm wrong and the current wildy is the best compromise for everybody, I can live with this without needing to matter"what if..."