2K implemented this feature deliberately

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Benefit and to try those who play the sport, a prize system is in place, with prizes awarded for completing challenges, winning games and logging into your account. The issue? These resemble that of an internet casino. There's a ball drop sport, a spinning NBA 2K MT Coins and even a slot machine machine.In a while when underage gambling reaches an all-time large, it's staggering to think that the staff at 2K Sports believed this could be a fantastic idea. Take a look at rivals EA Sports'? FIFA Ultimate Team? . There has been plenty about how their package process is promoting gaming, with Belgium banning FIFA points entirely as a result.

Complaints have been made to video game rating organisation? PEGI? , who deemed it unnecessary to put an age limitation on the game, stating:"A video game gets the gambling content descriptor in case it comprises moving images that promote and/or teach the use of games of chance that are played/carried out as a conventional way of gambling." Now this isn't true. To say that the trailer in question does not encourage games of opportunity is only incorrect.When you spin the wheel or roll up the slot machine, even whilst you may always win a prize of some capacity, the fact that these prizes differ from value usually means that players will want to continue playing till they win the jackpot.

The trailer that started the entire controversy has since been deleted from the NBA 2K YouTube account, but with all the micro-transactions out of FIFA Ultimate Team getting a complete money-spinner for EA it is no surprise that 2K have attempted to incentivize players to stay on MyTEAM and build their squad up through purchases.Whilst it seems improbable that 2K implemented this feature deliberately to market gambling, the simple fact of the matter is the fact that it absolutely does.With what I can only imagine is a high percentage under-18 fanbase, something needs to be done fast so for 2K to regain their credibility, and perhaps even more importantly avoid the wrath of lawmakers across the world.

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