I would likely take my BIS weapon

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I must agree that this system will lower the high-end pking RS gold drops, so you won't smite a nox weapon, and I don't see regain price, even at 200 percent, moving beyond 20m. I hope that's offset by having many people to pk, and those folks carrying more than 1 thing with them. The only 200m kill a month vs a couple of 2m kills an hour, for example.And while this does not protect luring completely (giving somebody completely targeted for ED1 a teletab to the wilderness and murdering them there is still a possibility), at least they will end up a few mill down instead of their lender gone. Dying without protecting any of them skulled with a sos along with just tect would be an 11m fall.

I read the arguments and I understand the current system + eoc is bad but I dont believe this is the right solution. Mainly because if this shift occurs whats going to make folks take t80-90 over the present dirt cheap t70-75? All this change is gunna do is make them take more than 3 items (4 with protect item) t75, it's slightly less pvp damage reduction which issues more than armour score. So this can be for individuals doing combat, they keep their falls and cover barely anything for this, and skillers who dont require anything cover ~100 gp to maintain everything.

If I had been doing wildy slayer, I would likely take my BIS weapon, and slayer-specific body and legs, very similar to my routine slayer. Those would be the items I'd protect for free. Currently I'd be too afraid to get skulltricked and smited to even bring my BIS weapon. In addition, LotD, AoS and other gear readily adds up to 1.2m outside the wilderness of cheap rs3 gold as well as my afking has proved double today, which would equate to a 2.4m drop for the pker.Now if you are actually after power coaching, wildy slayer is the best option.

That would make for 4m loot for pkers. Of course there'll still be people in the jungle wearing only t75 that reclaims for very little, but I'm hoping my proposal is a step in the right direction, not the end solution.For example putting a boss in the wilderness that individuals would struggle with in t75 equipment might be a step towards increasing the risk that you take whilst fighting versus the drops you get if you're successful.