Rsgoldfast - Minigames bring a lot of fun to RuneScape players

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Meteor storm: takes three stars and RuneScape gold a single meteor wich will 2-10 damage;v; 50 wayyyyyyyyy too replicated maybe the very first one work and only the initial one. Style blast, ultima: complete battle: it takes two stars at the atmosphere then shoots an energy lance then blasts a meteor warp and then utilizes nightshade then teleports into the foe and then slashes him lvl 60 so that this is penis only right??? lol what do u mean slash him? You are using meteor and something like. A number of them are weird, not realistic, too strong, or merely useless. . .like those where you just tele to a person and hit them they dont need THREE of these you can just get 1 or 2 (subsequently 1st and the 3rd)

Minigames bring a lot of fun to RuneScape players everywhere, so it's natural that a lot more fun and more exciting minigames will be released, or any little challenge which will tax your battle abilities to the max. However, what if there had been a minigame that did both? A minigame that demanded you to believe, strategize, while at the same time testing your ability to challenge a high level monster, or even multiple, tough lower level ones. So my minigame thought is just this:

The entry for this minigame are available close to the Carnillean Mansion, south of East Ardougne Castle. Just south of the home can be found a small shack, and inside this small shack are two ground portals: A small one and a sizable one. If you would like to enter the single-player game, enter the small portal. If you would like to enter the group minigame, you and your buddies must enter the large one. Details will be explained later on.

An adequate weapon,"Sleek" armor (explained later), a bow and at least 1 arrow (you might want more if you are a lower ranged and attack level), a rope if you want to spare just a little time, energy weight or restoring decreasing items will probably be an edge. 60 Attack and Defense, 40 Range, a high agility will definitely be an advantage

Enter the little portal with all the essential items, and you'll be teleported to a tent outside a home very similar to the one in Rat Catchers. In the tent is a supply table, providing bandages and rope. The target is to break into the house without the Hostage Guards noticing you, locate the Royal Hostage (Cost, Princess, Captain or Adviser), kill the enemy carrying the hostage nicely... hostage, and buy old school rs gold escape without the Hostage Guards (level-35) beating you too poorly.