Learn these coupon-collecting tips to stock up on savings

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Learn these coupon-collecting tips to stock up on savings

Learn these coupon-collecting tips to stock up on savings

We've all seen extreme couponers, and while they can save a ton of money by looking for deals, it looks like a ton of work!To get more news about promosstore discount code Click to Buy

There's a way you still can save a significant amount of money with a more moderate commitment.

Karla Savings is Karla Benavides' super savings alter ego on social media. She rakes up the discounts. She showed us how to easily do so on Facebook, TickTok and Instagram. Clipping coupons is not what you imagine.They think that they have to go hunt for a newspaper to get coupons,” Benavides said. “They think they have to sit at a desk and cut thousands of coupons. It’s not like that anymore.”

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was like, 'I’m not going to be able to afford diapers for two,'” Benavides said. “I was like, 'This isn’t going to be possible.' I saw a post on Instagram where this girl got a pack of diapers. She got a big box of diapers for only $3. I was like, 'How did she do that? How is that possible?' That’s how I just got looped in. I was like, 'I need to figure out how to coupon diapers.' That’s how I started. I started it because I wanted to save on diapers and baby necessities. Then I saw that you can pretty much coupon anything and everything.”

“The one thing coupons will always pay for is toothpaste,” Benavides said. “That is the easiest thing anyone can coupon. It’s so simple. You can just use your phone just by using digital coupons. You just clip one coupon, go to the store, get your two toothpastes and then walk out and it’ll be free.”

“If the store is having a sale, we’re going to get the sale price,” Benavides said. “Plus, we use the coupon and then on top of that we can get the cash back from the rebate apps. So most of the time that ends up being how we get our items free to even getting paid for them.”Begin by getting the apps for your favorite stores. That is where you will find digital coupons. Her preferred shop is CVS.

“It’s only because they offer deals on everything,” Benavides said. “You can get everything there. You can get the laundry detergent, you can get diapers, you can get toilet paper, all the body washes, all ... hair shampoo, razors, everything. CVS has it all, and they always have a ton of deals weekly.”She suggested using cash back apps like Ibotta, Fetch Rewards or Fluz where you upload your receipts and either receive money back or gift cards to apply toward other purchases. Also, make sure you are signed up with the store’s rewards program.

Many coupons are digital, but you can still use paper ones or combine paper and digital coupons. Paper coupons are most often found in the Sunday newspaper. No subscription? No problem. Benavides said there are plenty of free papers out there.

“My favorite one is the recycling center where they recycle newspaper,” she said. “Most of the time these people are understanding. Even the library, when the library is throwing out the newspaper, you can just simply ask them, ‘Hey, can I take a peek at the inserts?’”