Why we need graphic design and content writing for website

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Graphic design can be viewed as an interdisciplinary branch of design. The main activity taking place in this area is the visual communication between companies and their clients or customers. Graphic design and Content writing services Delhi mainly deals with creativity innovation and dig

The word ‘Design’ comes from the Latin word ‘Designare’. The word literally means to draw a plan. So the word design actually means a basic framework of how things are going to be. When it comes to visual portrayal the term graphic design comes to the forefront. Graphic design for visual data is like the foundation stone for buildings.

Graphic design can be viewed as an interdisciplinary branch of design. The main activity taking place in this area is the visual communication between companies and their clients or customers. Graphic design and Content writing services Delhi mainly deals with creativity innovation and digital, technological proficiency. All the above mentioned elements combine to form what techies call ‘Visual Communication Design’.

Graphic design pragmatically can be defined as transformation of a linguistic message into a graphical manifestation. The quality of design depends on how creative and innovative the designer is in representing it in a client appealing manner. Graphic design as an interdisciplinary element is applied in a wide variety of digital initiatives, which ranges from advertising to aviation and more.

Given the major clout of technology nowadays graphic design as an area of study is booming with opportunity. And this boom is not likely to end sooner or later because in the given scenario the use of new technologies is more likely increase than decrease.


Well for doing something riveting like graphic designing a person has to possess certain attributes or skills, which would make them do the work they are assigned with passion and perseverance. The skillful use of visual art is a major element in this field. The correct page layout, typography etc. are all crucial elements. Designers often use tools, referred often as interactive or multimedia design.

One of the main skill needed for a graphic designer to excel in his field of work is effective communication it also need good Content writing company Delhi. There are two schools concerned with communication in graphic designing. They are ‘Process and Semiotic’ schools.

(i)Process School- It mainly deals with channels and media through which senders and receivers encode and decode messages respectively.

(ii)Semiotic School- The name tells it all. This school treats messages as signs, which when received by receivers (who are usually clients or customers) gains meaning.

1) Visual Identity Graphic Design- This type deals mainly with client-company relationship or customer-company relationship. It is about creating a brand identity through which the audience can get to know about the essence of the company. In brief visual identity graphic design is all about creating an image of the company in the minds of the clients through images, colour and shapes.

The designers collaborate with brand stake holders and create logos, colour pallets, typography all of which represent a brand.

2) Marketing and Advertising Graphic- The corporate world actually strives through advertisements and promotional events. It is one of the many ways in which they can get to the public. As people always find visual content and Content writing agency Delhi more engaging, graphic design play a major role here. Examples- Postcards and flyers, Magazine and newspaper ads, posters, banners etc.

3) User Interface (UI) Graphic Design- It mainly deals with how a user interacts with a device or application of company. UI designers create platforms which are user friendly. Examples- Web page design, Game interface, App design etc.

4) Publication Graphic Design- This type of designs initially originated from the traditional print media. Then after digital publishing become more familiar it shifted from print to graphic design. The designers work with editors and writers in creating layouts and designs for new publications. Examples- Books, Newspaper, Newsletter etc.

5) Packaging Graphics Designs- Mainly products need to be packaged for its protection. Graphics here arises when one thinks of the business perspective. The designers work on the package covers and give them innovative designs.

6) Motion Graphic design- From the name itself we can grasp what such types of designs generally refer to. The graphics which we see in fantasy movies and other innovative videos come under this type of design.

7) Environmental Graphic Design- The aim here is to usually connect people to places. In another sense make people remember places through such graphic designs. Examples- Signage, Wall murals, Office branding etc.

8) Art and Illustration for Graphic Design- As most people confuse art and graphic designs as two similar concepts, both are different. Yet both are coerced for commercial purposes. Examples- T-shirt design, Graphic pattern for textiles, Stock images etc.