Gold Coast Bike Rental

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Electric bicycles can comfortably travel up to the legal speed limit of 25km / h.

The Gold Coast is known throughout Australia as a city of fun and the sun. With plenty of parks, beaches, sun, and waves, why not head out to the heart of the Gold with help of Gold Coast Bike Rental and experience it up close? Helmets, maps, locks, and even baskets are available if you need a place to carry your personal belongings.
Beach bikes are sometimes called beach cruisers. Contrary to their name, beach bikes are not made for riding on the sand. However, it's a great way to "walk" the famous Surfers Paradise Beach and the renowned promenade beaches with the coast's best views.

If you're looking for a fun and cheap activity during your Gold Coast vacation, consider renting a bike on the beach. Open daily from 9 am. There is plenty of time to stop and rent a beach bike at midnight..