Cookie Policy

Cookie PolicyIntroductionThe Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard website uses cookies for many reasons, as outlined below. This document will expand on Sections 1 and 2 outlined in the Privacy Policy. "Creators," "we" or "us" refers to Repository Owners of the source code or any user that has contributed to the Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard code. "You" refers to the person reading this Cookie Policy or accessing this website. "Owner" or "bot owner" refers to any person(s) who has access to the website/service files or to the Buddybio Discord Bot program/service files.This Cookie Policy applies to you whenever you access this Buddybio - Discord Bot Dashboard website/service or any other Buddybio - Discord Bot Dashboard website/services. This Cookie Policy will detail to you:What kinds of data we store in cookies.Why we store this data in cookies.How you can remove these cookies.If you wish for this website to not store your data in cookies, then you may not use this website/service.This Cookie Policy applies to any unmodified distribution of the source code found here ( If this instance of Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard is modified in any way from the code found in the above link, then this Cookie Policy does not apply, and instead "creators," "we" or "us" refers to the same person(s) as "owner" or "bot owner" does.1. What kinds of data do we store in cookiesWe store data in cookies for different categories, as outlined below:AuthorizationIf you're signed into the Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard website, then we hold authorization data (as detailed in Section 1 of the Privacy Policy) so that we can show you the correct information.SecurityIf you're signed into the Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard website, then we use the authorization data (as detailed in Section 1 of the Privacy Policy) to make sure you cannot access features that you do not have permission to access. This is to improve the experience of you and other users.User experienceIf you are using the Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard website, then we use data such as your preferBuddybio language locale and theme to better your user experience.2. Why we store this data in cookiesWe don't believe in storing data backend that doesn't have to be, where we could instead store it in a place that the user can control. As a result, we do not store any data on the host machine, and instead store it client side so you can directly control it.3. How you can remove these cookiesYou may not like your data being stoBuddybio in cookies. We fully understand this. In order to remove this data from your browser so we can no longer store the current data, you may go to your browser settings and Clear All Cookies/LocalStorage data. This will reset your data and will forget everything we know about you. Additionally, due to security reasons, your authorization data will be invalidated everytime the website/service restarts.4. Changes to Cookie PolicyIt is possible that this Cookie Policy may be updated as situations change and to satisfy legal requirements. If this happens at any time, we will attempt to notify owners through a third-party app, Discord, 30 days before such changes to privacy policies are put into effect, so that the owner may communicate to users the changes that the Cookie Policy will be experiencing