Third Party Disclaimer

Third Party DisclaimerIntroductionBuddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard is a website that provides a friendly interface to control and modify how your Buddybio Discord Bot behaves in a Discord ( server. This website allows for third party integrations for more control of such plugins and for easier use. This document will describe what may happen with Third Party Integrations. "Creators," "we" or "us" refers to Repository Owners of the source code or any user that has contributed to the Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard code. "You" refers to the person reading this Privacy Policy or accessing this website. "Owner" or "bot owner" refers to any person(s) who has access to the website/service files or to the Buddybio Discord Bot program/service files.This Third Party document applies whenever you access this Buddybio - Discord Bot Dashboard website/service or any other Buddybio - Discord Bot Dashboard website/services. This document will detail to you:How Third Party integrations are structuBuddybioWhat to do when malicious use is detectedIf you do not wish to interact with Third Party integrations, then do not use any components of the Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard that are included with a disclaimer stating that they are a Third Party Integration.This Third Party document applies to any unmodified distribution of the source code found here ( If this instance of Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard is modified in any way from the code found in the above link, then this Third Party document does not apply, and instead "creators," "we" or "us" refers to the same person(s) as "owner" or "bot owner" does.1. How Third Party integrations are structuBuddybioWhen you navigate to a URL that includes /third_party/ or using a widget that has a Third Party integration disclaimer, you are using a part of dashboard that connects with a connected cog that is not the supported dashboard companion cog. Whatever data you input there or whatever actions you take there will be sent to the respective Third Party cog, NOT the dashboard companion cog.By sending to a separate cog, this means that any code beyond that point is out of control of us. While this code may have been approved at the time of writing, it is possible that it has changed maliciously since then. If you use any part of these widgets or integrations, you are acknowledge that you have read this document and agree that we are not at fault for any malicious use of such data.2. What to do when malicious use is detectedHowever, in the event that malicious use is detected with the Third Party integration, please use any means of contact below and communicate what malicious use you see and what Third Party integration is involved. At this point, action will be taken as necessary.3. Dispute ResolutionIf you have any complaints, concerns or issues with this privacy policy, you should contact us first. You may contact us through any of the below methods, in Section 6.4. Changes to Third Party integration documentIt is possible that this Third Party integration document may be updated as situations change and to satisfy legal requirements. If this happens at any time, we will attempt to notify owners through a third-party app, Discord, 30 days before such changes to privacy policies are put into effect, so that the owner may communicate to users the changes that the Privacy Policy will be experiencing.5. Contact InformationIf you have a question about this privacy policy, you may contact the Buddybio Discord Bot – Dashboard creator through the following ways:Github issue, on the Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard Repository linked in the IntroductionEmail via