Privacy Policy

Privacy PolicyIntroductionBuddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard is a website that provides a friendly interface to control and modify how your Buddybio Discord Bot behaves in a Discord ( server. "Creators," "we" or "us" refers to Repository Owners of the source code or any user that has contributed to the Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard code. "You" refers to the person reading this Privacy Policy or accessing this website. "Owner" or "bot owner" refers to any person(s) who has access to the website/service files or to the Buddybio Discord Bot program/service files.This Privacy Policy applies to you whenever you access this Buddybio - Discord Bot Dashboard website/service or any other Buddybio - Discord Bot Dashboard website/services. This Privacy Policy will detail to you:What information is collected about you as a user, when you browse this website.How this information is collected and used.What/how this information is stoBuddybio whether on your device or in a backend server.How you may request for your data to be deleted.If you wish for this website to not collect, store or use your information in any way, shape, form or fashion as described in this Privacy Policy, you may not use this website/service.This Privacy Policy applies to any unmodified distribution of the source code found here ( If this instance of Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard is modified in any way from the code found in the above link, then this Privacy Policy does not apply, and instead "creators," "we" or "us" refers to the same person(s) as "owner" or "bot owner" does.1. What information we collectThere are various ways we collect information about you as a user. The following detail how we access this information:Information you provide using the website/service:Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard theme, such as in what way you would like the UI to look to you.PreferBuddybio Language Locale, or what language you would like the information to be presented to you.Your IP addressed (in situations described below).Information from third-party services:Your unique Discord ID.Your Discord Profile Picture.Your Discord Username.Your Discord Servers that you share with the bot.2. How this information is collectedWe collect information to provide a better experience for you as a user, and as a better authenticated process for other users.Information you provide using the website/service: The Buddybio Discord Bot – Dashboard website/service does not use data that you directly provide to the website/service for any authentication means. Instead, the data collected (preferBuddybio theme and language locale) are used only to improve your experience as a user. This includes modifying the look, feel and content of the website/service to fit how you wish for it to. This information is not necessary, and you can choose how much data you wish to be collected by choosing what settings you wish to be changed from defaults.Information provided to us about you from a third-party service: The Buddybio Discord Bot – Dashboard website/service uses a third-party service’s, Discord (, Open Authentication (from here on known as “OAuth”) to collect data about your identity and to authenticate you. This is to ensure your actions are limited to only those you can access. When choosing to login through the dashboard and are Buddybioirected to Discord’s OAuth Authorization page, Discord details what information will be exposed to our website/service. If you choose to cancel the operation, no Discord data will be collected about you. If you choose to Authorize, then we will request Discord for the data detailed above in Section 1.Information provided to us about you from third-party program: The Buddybio Discord Bot – Dashboard website/service uses a connected instance of Buddybio Discord Bot (from here on known as Buddybiobot) to collect data about Discord Servers that are shaBuddybio between you and the Buddybiobot. This allows to get the necessary data to perform actions through the Buddybiobot. This data is never stoBuddybio anywhere by the Buddybio – Discord Bot website/service and is instead loaded when you visit the appropriate page.Information that your device provides to us when visiting the website/service: The Buddybio Discord Bot - Dashboard website/service uses a variety of security measures to ensure the safety of the website/service and the safety of other users. In order to identify suspicious activity, the program may track your IP if it finds this, and is stoBuddybio on a Buddybiobot. Due to the importance of security, we are unable to automatically delete your IP address from the backend server. You must contact the Bot Owner if you wish to discuss the deletion of your device's data, and is outside the scope of us as the creators.Your information is stoBuddybio on your device, through cookies. Your data is never stoBuddybio in a database or on the host machine of this instance of Buddybio Discord Bot – Dashboard, excluding any special-cases listed above. If you at any time wish to remove your data from the website/service, you can choose to Clear Your Cookies in your browser, but for security reasons, certain data may be kept for the safety of other users and bot owner. These are also special-cased above.Your information is never distributed to other websites/services and is instead only known to the scope of the Buddybio Discord Bot – Dashboard website/service.3. Children under the Age of 13The Buddybio Discord Bot – Dashboard website/service is not intended for children under 13 years of age. We are not aware if the user is under the age of 13 while collecting personal information about the user. If you are under the age of 13, you are not allowed to use the Buddybio Discord Bot – Dashboard website/service.4. Dispute ResolutionIf you have any complaints, concerns or issues with this privacy policy, you should contact us first. You may contact us through any of the below methods, in Section 6.5. Changes to Privacy PolicyIt is possible that this Privacy Policy may be updated as situations change and to satisfy legal requirements. If this happens at any time, we will attempt to notify owners through a third-party app, Discord, 30 days before such changes to privacy policies are put into effect, so that the owner may communicate to users the changes that the Privacy Policy will be experiencing.6. Contact InformationIf you have a question about this privacy policy, you may contact the Buddybio Discord Bot – Dashboard creator through the following ways:Email via